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What's a CW1 Subkeys Contract?

CW1 is a specification for proxy contracts based on CosmWasm. It is a very simple, but flexible interface designed for the case where one contract is meant to hold assets (or rights) on behalf of other contracts.

A use case would be sharing and utilizing an account between a few addresses. Such as depositing an asset and giving some other addresses, called sub-accounts, allowances which give them control to execute some messages over those assets such as

  • send,
  • withdraw
  • delegate,
  • undelegate,
  • and redelegate.

An admin has full control over the contract and is able to

  • increase/decrease allowances,
  • set executable message permission of an address,
  • add/remove/freeze admins, this is possible only if the contract is instantiated as changeable

This also lets you transfer non-transferable assets (eg. staked tokens, voting power, etc).

You can imagine more complex examples, such as a "1 of N" multi-sig, or conditional approval, where "sub-accounts" have the right to spend a limited amount of funds from this account, with an "admin account" retaining full control.

JunoTools and CW1 Subkeys

JunoTools provides an easy-to-use interface for creating and interacting with CW1 contracts.

Using JunoTools you can:

  • instantiate,
  • query,
  • and execute CW1 contract methods.

All without paying any extra fees.